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The Estate of June Baldini
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Nashville Tornado - March 3, 2020

Devastating Tornado Destroyed Baldini Auction Facility on March 3, 2020...
We Lost Our Building, Not Our Business

The Nashville tornado was devastating and unforgiving for so many families and businesses across the Middle Tennessee area. Baldini Auction Company was no exception. Our building was hit by an EF3 tornado and was a complete loss; however, we’re very lucky no-one was in the building when the tornado hit.

Click on this link to watch the video of the destruction:

On a personal note, I felt very devastated, displaced and in disbelief. My first image of the devastation was from this video my son-in-law shot. I was in shock. Other than my wonderful and loving family who will always come first, my business is my life-blood. I was completely humbled by all of the love and support from my customers, clients, friends and auction family who reached out to see if I needed help.

As soon as we could access the property, I took two of my fellow auctioneers, James and his son Joe Spencer along with Richard who works for a dear past client, to the site. These men were tossing cinder blocks like I toss sticks and they never complained. They were truly my super heroes and I can’t thank them enough. Even through my tears they kept my spirits high. After some time, they created a walkway for me so I could safely navigate the area and identify salvageable items. We did manage to save some important files and some other items belonging to other consignors. We drove away with three truckloads and called it a good day.

The next day, my girl squad of Marie, Mary Francis and Cyndi rescued more items. I couldn’t keep them away and I am thankful for their persistence and hard work. We safely rescued more items I never thought I would see again. To read the blog post about this event, go to our Auctionville Blog tab, or click here. 

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