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New Online Auction - Four Important Art Pieces

We are pleased to offer these four important art pieces which will sell to the highest bidder regardless of price. This is certainly a rare opportunity to purchase any one of these art pieces as a nice addition to your collection. 

Puryear Mims (1906-1975) was born in Nashville to a distinguished Southern literary family and he earned an English degree from Vanderbilt University. In 1930 he travelled the Southern rural communities meeting farmers and coal workers, which inspired his carvings. His works can be seen all around Nashville. We are very honored to have one of these carvings from what we believe is attributed to Puryear Mims. 

Mark Carson English is an abstract expressionist artist known for his exceptional ability to capture the energy, movement and expressions of his subjects. Many of Mark’s paintings depict personal memories from his childhood. 

He was born in Tennessee and spent many years in the Middle Tennessee area. At the age of 7, he was introduced by his father to an acclaimed artist named Adomo and was inspired by Adomo’s passion and love for art and beauty. He would later receive the nickname “lil” Marko and thus, will sometimes sign his name as "Marko" on his paintings.

He is represented by established galleries and art dealers across the country.

Join us for inspection on Tuesday, November 10th at Goodlettsville Antique Mall located at 213 North Main Street in Goodlettsville from 11 to 2pm. Please remember to wear your mask.

Bidding Ended November 11th 

Location: Hendersonville, TN

Late Addition Auction - 2 Revolvers

We have two late addition auction items of 2 handguns open now! 

These firearms are located at Guns and Leather located at 600 West Main Street in Hendersonville.

This auction ended November 11, 2020

Earthquake Sound Equipment from the Former Gulch Restaurant "City Fire"

We are selling an entire sound system known as Earthquake brand from a restaurant in the Gulch in downtown Nashville formerly known as City FireThis is a single asset auction with one lot comprising of all of the sound equipment. This sound system will sell to the highest bidder, regardless of price!

We will have a 2-hour window of inspection on October 20th by appointment only from 11 to 1pm. Pick-up will be scheduled with the seller. The equipment is being stored at A+ Storage in the Gulch, 911 Division Street. 

This auction closed October 21, 2020


Main Location: Nashville, TN ...

Online Auction - The Nasatir Estate

This is our second sale of the items rescued from our warehouse after the March 3rd tornado. We are selling the items for the Administrator of the Estate of Joan Valerie Nasatir. Luckily, the boxed items had not been unpacked yet, so those items survived the tornado. We are also selling furniture, sterling silver and crystal and some very important art pieces.  

Valerie was a food writer and a restaurant reviewer and her husband Mort was in the music industry. They met in 1953 in New York and married on Christmas Eve that year. Mort started his record industry career at Decca Records, later becoming Presidents of MGM Records, NARAS (Grammy's) and publisher of BILLBOARD Magazine. Mort and Valerie acquired some very nice items and we are pleased to conduct this online auction. 


This auction ended June 10, 2020

Works From the Private Collection of Paul Harmon Auction


Important message from Patti Baldini: Our building was destroyed by  the devastating tornado on March 3rd. However, over the course of the next 6 days, we managed to save quite a few key pieces of the artwork in this auction including the Bald Eagle painting signed by the seven astronauts of the Columbia. 

Franklin, Tennessee native Paul Harmon has hired us to sell art works from his private collection. Harmon is a Tennessee treasure with works on display across the world.

Our most prominent artwork piece is an original acrylic on paper. In 2003, before the launch of the ill-fated Columbia STS-107, Paul Harmon was asked to create an art image to commemorate the mission. We are selling the original and historic rare painting all of the astronauts signed before the Columbia disaster on February 1, 2003. This is an important offering not only because of its historic significance, but also because it survived the tornado. 

Perhaps Paul said it best:

 "My work is a personal journal of my life. It is therefore both serious and frivolous. Joyous and melancholic. Spiritual and erotic. The continuity is in the fact that it tracks a real life" 

You can find his books Crossing Borders and Inner Voices online. We are selling an autographed copy of each book in our auction, which also survived!

Auction Ended May 6, 2020

Nashville Tornado - March 3, 2020

Devastating Tornado Destroyed Baldini Auction Facility on March 3, 2020...
We Lost Our Building, Not Our Business

The Nashville tornado was devastating and unforgiving for so many families and businesses across the Middle Tennessee area. Baldini Auction Company was no exception. Our building was hit by an EF3 tornado and was a complete loss; however, we’re very lucky no-one was in the building when the tornado hit.

Click on this link to watch the video of the destruction:

On a personal note, I felt very devastated, displaced and in disbelief. My first image of the devastation was from this video my son-in-law shot. I was in shock. Other than my wonderful and loving family who will always come first, my business is my life-blood. I was completely humbled by all of the love and support from my customers, clients, friends and auction family who reached out to see if I needed help.

As soon as we could access the property, I took two of my fellow auctioneers, James and his son Joe Spencer along with Richard who works for a dear past client, to the site. These men were tossing cinder blocks like I toss sticks and they never complained. They were truly my super heroes and I can’t thank them enough. Even through my tears they kept my spirits high. After some time, they created a walkway for me so I could safely navigate the area and identify salvageable items. We did manage to save some important files and some other items belonging to other consignors. We drove away with three truckloads and called it a good day.

The next day, my girl squad of Marie, Mary Francis and Cyndi rescued more items. I couldn’t keep them away and I am thankful for their persistence and hard work. We safely rescued more items I never thought I would see again. To read the blog post about this event, go to our Auctionville Blog tab, or click here. 

Location: Hermitage, TN

January 2020 Winter Estates Auction

We are so excited about our first auction of 2020! We will be selling over 350 lots of items from several Nashville Estates in our new Winter Auction. The items are very diverse and there is truly something for everyone. And you know the best part...All items sell to the highest bidder, regardless of price! 

The auction includes many unique and one-of-a-kind items including two rare custom made electric guitars; Virgil Mandanici's "Silver Willow" and Teye's "Coyote - Brand of Gypsys". I had the opportunity to speak with both creators of these amazing guitars. If you have ever wanted to purchase something no-one else on the planet has, this is your opportunity. These guitars are true works of art! You can read more information about these guitars on our "Auctionville Blog" page or click here. You can also actually watch a video on each guitar on the item description. 

We are also selling over 150 lots of fine jewelry including two Rolex watches, diamond rings and bracelets, gold chains, pearls and even some gold coins, proof sets and original artwork. There are electronic music equipment power boosters, amps and mixing boards, furniture and so much more! 

Join us for our New Year's Open House in conjunction with our inspection on Friday, January 24th! We'd love to meet you and show you around our studio gallery. It's a great opportunity for you to see who we are and what we do.

Auction Ended, Wednesday, January 29th

David Scutt Estate: 70+ Firearms - Hunting Bags - Antique Clocks - Original Artwork

We are pleased to be selling items from the Estate of David Scutt of Hendersonville, Tennessee. Read our Blog Post The Artist of Many Things by clicking here.

David was a Master Engraver and an artist of many things. We'll be selling over 70 firearms, most of which are custom engraved, along with some of his original oil paintings. There are also some beautiful handmade and engraved tomahawks made by David, and some leather hunting bags made by Jerry Fisher. We will also be selling an antique clock collection and a nice selection of ammunition.

All firearms are being stored at Guns and Leather in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Their address is 600 West Main Street. Inspection will take place at this location for all firearms. Please adhere to the inspection day and times. You can find this information in the Terms and Conditions section of the auction. All items sell to the highest bidder regardless of price!

There will be NO shipping of any firearms or ammunition, with the exception of the flintlock long guns. All firearms must be picked up in person. Please read Terms and Conditions for qualifications for purchasing firearms. There will be no exceptions to these terms. 

This Auction Ended November 6, 2019

Online Auction: Dresden, Sevres, Native American Items, Salvador Dali Art, Gorham Sterling and More!

We have over 300 lots of very diverse items in our auction this month.

Items include Sevres porcelain, Gorham sterling silver, diamond Jewelry, Native American Squash Blossom necklace, Dresden Chandelier, Salvador Dali Artwork, Sergio Bustamante Art Eggs and so much more!

Native American items inspected by appraiser as well as a Jewelry appraiser inspected most jewelry items.

Auction opens September 18th and ends October 2nd. Auction inspection Tuesday, October 1st. If you can't make inspection, call us for an appointment. 

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

Auction Ended Wednesday, October 2nd 2019

Location: Hermitage, TN

New July Auction - Ends Wednesday, August 7th Starting at 2pm CT

We have been hired to sell items from the estate of the late Frank and Florence Wood of Dickson, along with a few other partial estates from the Middle Tennessee area. The Wood's were avid antique collectors and the family is selling the entire estate. Their Dickson home is being sold via live auction on August 3rd by Charles Woodard & Associates Auction Company. Visit for more information about the real estate auction.

There are over 400 lots in this auction, which include over 125 art lots, porcelain, bronze statuary, S. Kirk & Sons Repousse sterling silver set, fine writing instruments, interesting collectibles, furniture and books. The auction opens on Wednesday, July 24th and ends on Wednesday, August 7th starting at 2pm CT. Auction inspection will be held on Tuesday, August 6th from 10 to 3. If you can't make it to inspection, call us to schedule an appointment. 

To read more about the Estates we are selling and a little bit about the families CLICK HERE or go to our "Auctionville Blog" tab at the top of this page.

There is a lifetime collection in this auction! 

This Auction Ended August 7, 2019

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